Ominé is one of South Florida’s most prolific and original female musicians. She has been an intricate part of Miami’s local music scene -supporting, shaping, guiding and creating history.

Ominé’s soulful yet rocking singing style captivates you from the very first note, paired with raw precision guitar playing Ominé’s live performances are delivered with an intense sexy yet sweet powerful edge .Expect to sing along and participate in an Ominé show, you will smile and walk away with a song or two stuck in your head. Influenced by Classic Rock, BEBOP JAZZ, Old School Blues and Folk- she has sculpted and perfected her own unique style of song writing and guitar playing. She simply tells you in her songs with- in your face lyrics that she is not “Your Average Everyday Apple Pie” but she does have a sweet side- if you know her well.

Born to a musical family she is the daughter of the late jazz legend tenor saxophonist Allen Eager. Her parents knew early on that she was a musical driving force not to be taken lightly. Her father put a guitar in her hand at the young age of 9, and her mother begged the music school teacher to allow her to take guitar lessons, this wonderful teacher named Edward Gross said “Her hands are too small and will never reach the frets” but he gave Ominé a chance. His teachings gave Ominé the tools to learn and perfect her craft of playing and song writing. She began writing her own songs about real life issues with a sensitive folk style. This will become Ominé’s staple as a songwriter; her writing is influenced by her upbringing and current topical issues. She quickly became accustomed to performing in front of live audiences, starting with singing and playing every Saturday & Sunday in a church choir she attended. Ominé learned to sing in Spanish and play piano, upright bass and guitar. There she learned how to harmonize, play with a band and practice her instruments every day, she was the youngest member.

Ominé attended a catholic school named GESU, which was the first Jesuit Church in Miami. Ominé’s 8th grade class was the last class to graduate from GESU. The city has deemed the school unsafe and had to be demolished. Upset by this news Ominé passionately wrote a song about the issue called “Don’t Give Up Hope”, she played it for her principal and teachers and they loved it. They asked Ominé to teach her song to her class so it could be performed live on national news to make a statement in hopes of saving the school (it was torn down and is now a parking lot- sad).

Later on in High School Ominé had the opportunity to audition for a new music and arts program introduced to Miami called PAVAC.- High School students could attend Miami Dade Community College and receive college level music , art , dance and theater classes. The program is now called New World School of The Arts. Ominé auditioned with a song she wrote called “10 Years before My Time” a raw edgy song about drug use and not wanting to use them anymore and that she is way ahead of her time. She was accepted in to the program. During that year she was asked to perform that very song for a concert given by the students in honor of a Nancy Regan’s national school campaign “Say No To Drugs”. The concert was performed at The James L. Knight Center in Downtown Miami.

Along with music Ominé is extremely dedicated and passionate about her community service. She has been involved locally and nationally with such organizations as: Musicians on Call, Local Impact, Camillus House, The Kristie House, Kon Bit and ACT 4 TIBET. Ominé believes in the healing power of music and is always giving back to her community with love and compassion. Increasing the Peace through Music is a sticker on her guitar case and she walks the walk.

Ominé has been performing locally and nationally for over 20 years. She can be seen solo acoustic or with her full rocking band regularly in South Florida’s “Legendary Tobacco Road”, Transit Lounge, Van Dyke’s, Churchill’s, Titanic Brewery, Bardot, Gibson Showroom, Luna Star Café, The Poorhouse. (Old school days: Washington Square, Stephen’s Talkhouse, Cactus Cantina, Roses, Stella Blue.)

Recently Ominé joined forces with local musician /producer Fernando Perdomo to record an 11 song album called “Whiskey & Chocolate”. A long overdue album, the album will be released April 5th 2011. This album is a “masterpiece” Fernando claims and is proud to be a part of the creative process and playing on such a beautiful rocking record.

Check out the first single released from this album “Hail Mary” on

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September 2, 2010 - Miami New Times Album Review of Jorge Moreno, Ominé and Dreaming in Stereo

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