The Mann Sisters

 Alexandra Mann: Alexandra Mann was born and raised, fourth generation, in Miami Florida. She is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player who performs weekly within and around Miami. While she devotes herself to developing her music she is also a dedicated student who excels in school, is a member of the National Honor Society and has teachings in both Spanish and French. An artist at heart whose interests span from Shakespeare to painting and drawing she finds comfort in creativity.
Her influences include the playing and songwriting abilities of Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, and Lady Antebellum. As a guitarist she looks after Lindsey Buckingham’s style of playing as well as his unique arrangements of his songs. Alexandra has been playing guitar for over six years and has a weekly voice coach and musical theory coach.
During the summer of 2010 she spent some time in Nashville Tennessee meeting and performing for a variety of individuals including managers, producers, publishers, and fellow songwriters. She has also appeared on Michael Stock’s Folk and Acoustic Show on WLRN in Miami on September 5, 2010 with Lauren Mann, where they performed original music live on air and sat for an interview session. Alexandra also makes numerous annual visits to Miami’s Veteran’s Hospital to perform her music to entertain the patients. She makes it a weekly necessity to perform out whether it be open mic nights or hired gigs.
Alexandra is very close with her family and friends. Family is a huge part of her life and loves nothing more than being able to share in her passion for music with her best friend and twin sister Lauren Mann.

Lauren Mann: Lauren Mann was born and raised, fourth generation, Miami, Florida. She is a singer, songwriter and skilled piano player. She takes her songbird voice from rock to pop with a silky smooth sound of classic rock with modern verse. She has performed at music venues ranging from Books and Books in Coral Gables, John Martins on Miracle Mile and Tobacco Road in Downtown Miami. Lauren is extremely driven and devoted in her pursuit of a music career. Lauren’s steadfast devotion is also shown in her dedication to her school career. Lauren is a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor society. Her interests range from classic literature to poetry to architecture and set design. Lauren’s blood is abundant with creativity. To her, “creativity is the ultimate form of knowledge”. Lauren’s creative mind shines through her music and adds a spark of life to every song she performs. Lauren’s influences include the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Lady Antebellum and Keane. Her singing style ranges from a smooth bluesy rock to a soulful and upbeat pop. She has been playing piano for over nine years and has been singing her heart out since she was a little girl. Lauren attends weekly voice lessons and music theory lessons.
During the 2010 summer, Lauren traveled to Nashville Tennessee to meet and perform for a variety of individuals in the music business, ranging form managers to producers to publishers and up and coming songwriters. Lauren has also appeared in Michael Stock’s Folk and Acoustic show on WLRN on September 5, 2010 with her twin sister Alexandra. They performed original music and sat for an interview session. Lauren makes a point to share her music with her community. She performs, along with her twin sister, at the Veterans Hospital and at Homeless Assistance shelters. Lauren feels that “music is not worth anything unless you can share it with others. Feeling the joy of seeing how my music affects people, is the greatest feeling in the world.” With her sister, Alexandra, Lauren performs at multiple open mic nights and hired gigs on a weekly basis.
Lauren is devoted to her music but even more so to her family. Lauren believes that with the support and love from her family, she is able to make her dreams become a reality. She is very close to her best friend, music companion and twin sister, Alexandra Mann. She finds ultimate happiness in getting to pursue a career in music alongside her sister.


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Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History
Arboles Libres - Aurora
Andy Pratt - Take it all Away
Jill Hartmann - The Shepherd
Omine - Hail Mary
Yves Giraud - Hello
Kingsley and Perdomo - Stayin' Alive
Dreaming in Stereo - Lazy
Jorge Moreno - Thank You