Jill Hartmann

Jill Hartmann is definitely a product of her environment. Raised in Louisiana and the child of two musical families, Jill began singing at a very young age, performing in front of the family christmas tree or atop the cresting Hartmann family boat while her cousins sang backup. Her first concrete passion aside from singing was poetry. Jill used to write volumes of verse starting from the time she was 8 years old which would inevitably aid in her songwriting in later years. Eventually she would attend Louisiana State University for poetry but along the way, her true love of music made its way back into her life. At the age of 20, Jill started teaching herself how to play the guitar, emulating such legendary folk finger-pickers as Joni Mitchell. The result is a unique and immediately identifiable style all her own. Jill honed her singing skills throughout her journey of songwriting, eventually settling in to what she likes to call a “folk/soul type of croon”.

In 2008, Jill met musician/producer Fernando Perdomo at a mutual gig in Miami and the two soon started work on her debut album, “Things I Want To Remember”, which was released on August, 10, 2010 on Perdomo’s label, Forward Motion Records. Crediting her move to Miami as the impetus for her new career in music, she is working hard to put a dent in the city’s mostly dance-oriented predisposition.

Jill Hartmann hosts the Flick Open Mic Night every Tuesday evening at Titanic Restaurant and Brewery from 9:30pm to 1 am. She can also be found lulling various audiences around Miami.


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