Yves Giraud

Born in a small town in southern France, I came to Los Angeles in late 1987 for the music scene, where I was lucky enough to play many of the L.A. clubs such as the Whiskey A GoGo, the Troubadour, the Gazzari’s, the Coconut Teazer, the GasLight, the DogHouse, Exposure 54, the FM Station, Madam Wong, the China Club and many more .. I played electric guitar and/or bass in various bands, New Improved God, Sleeper, Tongue Dance, F.A.G., and others which I have forgotten by now. In 1994, I moved to south Florida where I now reside.

In the late 90’s, I started playing the south Florida scene quite a bit with my 3 (sometimes 4) piece band, Jadestone, as lead vocalist/bassist. We played such venues as the Roxy, the Culture room, DaDa’s, the

In 2005 I joined the Spoon Benders, a rock trio based in Fort Lauderdale, FL with whom I started playing heavily (4-6 nights a week) as a bass player. With that band I did get to tour a bit. We went on the road 3 times between 2005 and 2007, covering most of the east coast from Florida to New York and as far west as Mississippi. The band recorded a couple of albums during that time, a live one named ‘The Spoon Benders vs the Pendas live at the Bamboo Room’ and a studio one named ‘Resurrecting the giants’ which we recorded in Lexington, KY. (A couple more shows were also recorded live and pressed locally).

2007 saw another change for me. I recorded my own solo album with local producer Fernando Perdomo. The album ‘Hello’ came out of the studio in fall 2007. I am still pleased with that effort and find it to be a fair showcase of my songwriting style. Some of the songs on the ‘Music’ page of this site are from ‘Hello’.

That same year, I started working on my own home recording studio ‘StudioM31’ which is located in Hollywood. Old analog recording style and equipment combined with PC platform Cubase and digital post production resources. You can visit the site at: www.studioM31.com

2008, ‘09 and present:

After parting with the Spoon Benders, I joined the ‘Justin Enco band’. Played a lot of local shows for the next two years. Went on to play bass for local band 441 as well in 2009. Also started ‘Broken Sound Blvd’, an acoustic trio where I sing lead and play acoustic guitar. Another project I got involved with as well during that time was with local singer ‘Makayla Duvall’.

After many shows behind me and (I hope) still many to come, my most current involvement is with project ‘Slick Johnny and the Tenderloins’, a local rock band fronted by Justin Enco, which keeps me busy playing week nights and weekends across the Tri-county (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) in south Florida.

The Latest

After many years playing the music scene in south Florida and meeting so many great musicians and singers/songwriters, I decided to create my own “TV show” if you will , ’Studio M31 presents: The Interview Room’, an idea I had been nurturing for a few years now, where I bring local artists into the recording studio and interview them on camera.

I guess this is my way of trying to help the music scene by offering free exposure to the many talents we have in south Florida. *The show isn’t ‘Live’ (yet) but the goal is to make it a ‘live TV show’ format down the road.

For now, you can find an archive of interviews in the ‘Interview Room’ section of www.StudioM31.com as well as new interviews added weekly.



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August 31, 2010 - Read Miami New Times Review of Hello here.

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Jennifer Kaiser - Pretty Boy
Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History
Arboles Libres - Aurora
Andy Pratt - Take it all Away
Jill Hartmann - The Shepherd
Omine - Hail Mary
Yves Giraud - Hello
Kingsley and Perdomo - Stayin' Alive
Dreaming in Stereo - Lazy
Jorge Moreno - Thank You