Arboles Libres

What started out as two good friends jamming for the first time, soon became an adventure, full of brand new sounds and sights. Since February 2nd, Arboles Libres has been working nonstop, creating what is now a project both surprisingly giving and incredibly driven. Arboles Libres is Juan “Nacho” Londono, Eddie Moreno, and Anthony Genovese. Inspired by the ever-changing world of Miami’s underground scenes, the music behind the trio is “free from the confines of a genre.” Arboles Libres is currently working on their first full album.


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Jennifer Kaiser - Pretty Boy
Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History
Arboles Libres - Aurora
Andy Pratt - Take it all Away
Jill Hartmann - The Shepherd
Omine - Hail Mary
Yves Giraud - Hello
Kingsley and Perdomo - Stayin' Alive
Dreaming in Stereo - Lazy
Jorge Moreno - Thank You