Dreaming in Stereo (self titled)

Released July 20, 2010

  1. Sea Dreams
  2. Misery Loves Companies
  3. Steal This Song
  4. Lazy
  5. Smile
  6. I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.
  7. Half Dead
  8. Decisions, Decisions
  9. Let Me Love You
  10. The Will to Love
  11. Amicable
  12. Part of Your Life (bonus track)

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Album Info:

Dreaming in Stereo – Dreaming in Stereo (reissue)
Released 7/20/2010 Forward Motion Records

All Songs written by Fernando Perdomo
Produced by Fernando Perdomo
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin

Fernando Perdomo – Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars,
Mellotron, Guitars, Organ, Lead Vocals , Drums, Synthesizer,
Derek Cintron – Drums
Greg Byers – Cello
Courtney Yeates- Cello
Eddie Zyne – Drums
Marisol Garcia –Organ , Backing Vocals, Mellotron, String
Dave Torre- Viola
Vincent Cuevas – Bass


Jennifer Kaiser - Pretty Boy
Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History
Arboles Libres - Aurora
Andy Pratt - Take it all Away
Jill Hartmann - The Shepherd
Omine - Hail Mary
Yves Giraud - Hello
Kingsley and Perdomo - Stayin' Alive
Dreaming in Stereo - Lazy
Jorge Moreno - Thank You