New review of Jill Hartmann from England!!!

‘Things I want to remember’

Jill Hartmann is a folk and acoustic musician from Miami, Florida. Things i want to remember is her first album and a fantastic debut at that.
Her voice may be delicate and fragile but she can sure pack a punch when she needs to. The guitar arrangements on the whole album are superb, giving you the feel she is in the room with you just playing the song for you. As she says herself “I’m more lyrics than chords” the music is never your main focus with her. You find yourself sucked into her music like a child to a lullaby.

I may also quote her as describing her self as “sounding like love gone wrong” which is a beautiful and accurate perception of herself. Although her songs are sometimes about love they are not love songs by any doubt. I can imagine her work being part of an indie soundtrack, think Juno or 500 days of summer. If you pop on her album and take a walk through a park you might find yourself looking over your shoulder for fear you’re being recorded by a film crew. It’s just that perfect ‘thinking’ music that gets your inner indie kid all excited.
In summary this is an album well worth owning and an artist worth your time to check out.

You will be hearing her voice in the future and you will be able to say “I read about her first on New Reviews”.

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