Yves Giraud – Hello

Hello’ is songwriter Yves Giraud’s first solo effort at creating a great album. With powerful hook-filled songs, a unique sound and lyrics everyone can relate to, Yves Giraud takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery, realtionships, hope, love and life.

This is not Yves’ first commercial CD. In 2002, as lead singer, bassist and co-songwriter of south Florida Euro-pop trio ‘Jadestone’, the band’s single ‘Sunday Morning’ charted in the top 10 on dozens of secondary market radio stations across the US for many weeks. What makes this album different is a combination of several things. One is an overall maturity in Yves Giraud’s songwritting, a complete understanding of what a great song should be: ‘Uncompromised’. “I was going to do this one right or not at all!” Another key element to this album is producer Fernando Perdomo. His coaching, sound engineering and recording techniques and his devotion to this project have played a main role in getting the right ‘vibe’ for this album. All 10 songs were recorded in only a few sessions. ” It’s great to work with someone who gets it!”

Most of all, this album successfully showcases the songwritting abilities, commercial appeal and professional qualities Yves Giraud intended to display on this latest creative project.
“I think all 10 songs flow very well together. There is no filler on this CD. I believe in every single one of them.” The fact that they were written on an acoustic guitar also lends credibility to the songwritting. No gimmics, no formula, just great songs.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one feeling like something’s missing in my life. I want to ask others but then I realize I’m much better at doing it through a song”.

“Hello” was released July 24th 2010 on Forward Motion Records


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