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Andy Pratt — Andy Pratt Loves You
Andy Pratt found his greatest glory back in the early ’70s when his song “Avenging Annie” briefly became a staple on album rock radio. A frantic tale of a misbegotten encounter, it was later covered by Roger Daltrey, subsequently boosting Pratt’s profile in the process. Consequently, the ironically titled Andy Pratt Loves You could be considered a comeback collection of sorts. A stunning set of songs that basks in proficient pop extravagance, it finds its subject in fine voice, still able to hit his upper register and convey the sprawling melodies that enabled him to initially make his mark. Producer Fernando Perdomo lends a sympathetic sound to grand entries like “It’s Not the End of the World,” “Take It All Away,” and “How Are You?,” allowing Pratt’s simple turn of a phrase to become a grand statement buoyed by some regal arrangements. Indeed, Andy Pratt Loves You is an old-school album, one that deserves to take Pratt back to the top of the pop pantheon.
Review: Andy Pratt “Andy Pratt Loves You”

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Pratt has been on his roller coaster ride through the music business since the 70s, when he scored his commercial hit “Avenging Annie”. While many may remember him as the one-hit wonder, he is still going strong with his wild, reverse Mohawk flapping around him on each side as he pounds the keyboard. Many folks don’t realize he’s cranked out over 20 albums through the years. His latest record is simply called “Andy Pratt Loves You”, and it features a dozen new tracks for fans of this veteran musician.

Two key things about Andy Pratt: 1) his voice takes a little getting used to (kind of like Bee Gees meets Gilbert O’Sullivan), and 2) his songs are upbeat and positive. Generally his songs are quite catchy and well produced with a pleasant blend of acoustic and electric guitars, solid rhythms, and occasional piano/keys. He still engages in some musical experimentation, recalling his early work decades ago. For example, he’ll toss in some spoken words or unleash his crazy falsetto – sometimes it is hard to tell if Pratt is serious or joking. His songs sound rooted in 70s pop melodies, but his writing really is timeless.

“Andy Pratt Loves You” has a perfect balance of upbeat, slow, and midtempo pop rockers. The record kicks off with “It’s Not The End Of The World”, with a gorgeous piano melody – it reminds me a bit of New Radicals. “Take It All Away” is slower, but the breezy atmosphere makes this one too easy on the ears to resist. “Home Of The Brave” sounds like something off a Five For Fighting record. Things cool off for a while, but then his wicked falsetto will wake you up for “Sing”. I’m on the fence about this one – pretty good melody, but that falsetto rubs me the wrong way. Other highlights include “I’m All Alone” and “I Don’t Care Anymore”.

As Pratt has said, “I hate ugly music”. There’s nothing ugly about the tunes gracing his latest record, so try developing an acquired taste for this talent.

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Andy Pratt Loves You
12 tracks
Veteran Andy Pratt’s latest showcases his good songwriting abilities, nice, expressive vocals, and cool piano playing. Many of the melodies have a folk feel, but I hear pop and theatre here also, and “How Are You?” and “I’m All Alone” almost rock out. For folk ballads listen to: “Take It All Away” and “Loving You (the Right Way). For easy-listening pop with his usual very specific lyrical content listen to “Home of the Brave.” My favorite song is “Sing,” a real radio-friendly tune with a cool “na-na-na” vocal opening. Sorta like Cat Stevens meets Billy Joel or Paul Simon meets Elton. Good for a mellow evening. (A.J. Wachtel)

Andy Pratt is a cult hero who put out critically acclaimed records in the 70′s and scored a regional number 1 hit song in 1972 called “Avenging Annie”.  A musicians musician, John Brion , Jeff Porcaro, Al Kooper, has sung praise for Andy many a time.

His Forward Motion Records release Andy Pratt “Loves You” is  produced by a Fernando Perdomo who contacted Andy on Myspace. Andy drove 3000 miles from Cambridge Mass to Miami to record  and it’s fruits are on this album.

Andy Pratt loves you is set for release September 9th

Andy Pratt’s Website

Jon Brion spins Andy Pratt on KCRW

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