New Release “The Streets of Silverlake” by Melissa Thatcher


Forward Motion Records is back with “The Streets of Silverlake” by Melissa Thatcher
Who is Melissa Thatcher?
Melissa Thatcher
 didn’t start out intending on being an artist. She wrote songs that helped her purge emotional baggage, and soon enough found that she could write about the underbelly of human existence beyond her own life. Her stories aren’t always pretty, but sometimes what is underneath is more interesting than the surface.
The six songs that comprise Thatcher’s debut EP, THE STREETS OF SILVERLAKE, have been described as “little suspended moments of time – like when you catch a memory as you breathe in”. Raw live piano and vocal takes were captured by producer Fernando Perdomo with no overdubs or studio trickery. Grammy nominee, Zach Ziskin’s mastering makes you feel like you are in the room with Thatcher
 for a private performance.
Melissa Thatcher
 writes intimate songs, stories that touch upon the inner workings of the soul.  Take a listen, is this the soundtrack of your life?
“The Streets of Silverlake” is now available at and

   for AmazonMP3 .. iTunes , Rdio, Goodle Play, EMusic, and physical very soon.
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