Coming soon .. “Art Noise” by The Super Fuzz

TThe Super Fuzz is happy to announce the release of Art Noise on  October 2nd. Originally released under the band’s former name, The Chris Alvy Band at the end of last year, this re-issue includes a  cranked up live rendition of the title track that shows off the bands live chops and love of the F-bomb. Also included in this release is a shorter radio edit of the standout track, The Fall, for those of you who consume your pop in short intermittent smoke breaks at the office.

The band has been touring the state of Florida relentlessly and the story of The Super Fuzz’s misadventures is told in snapshots strewn over the interior panels of the CD packaging.

The CD hits AAA and college radio on September 24th via our friends at Powderfinger. Bunch of good folks those people are.

Download The Super Fuzz’s Art Noise on October 2nd from most online music stores or get yourself the real deal at any show beginning Friday, Sept 7th at Jazid, South Beach.

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