New Release “The Streets of Silverlake” by Melissa Thatcher

New Release "The Streets of Silverlake" by Melissa Thatcher

  Forward Motion Records is back with “The Streets of Silverlake” by Melissa Thatcher   Who is Melissa Thatcher? Melissa Thatcher  didn’t start out intending on being an artist. She wrote songs that helped her purge emotional baggage, and soon enough found that she could write about the underbelly of human existence beyond her own life. Her stories [...]

Reseda “Postcards From Reseda”

Reseda  "Postcards From Reseda"

    “Postcards From Reseda” is an instrumental album inspired by the relaxed suburban atmosphere of the small San Fernando Valley town of Reseda. Behind the music is producer/multi-instrumentalist, Fernando Perdomo. The 10 tracks are named after actual streets in Reseda with a unique sound to each one.   Here is the official video for [...]

Chris Alvy Band – Art Noise

Chris Alvy Band - Art Noise

“ART NOISE” BY CHRIS ALVY BAND Miami, Fl  - Nov 17, 2011 – Forward Motion Records  is pleased to announce the release Chris Alvy Band’s new album, Art Noise. ART NOISE is the follow up to their debut EP, the critically acclaimed “Anything Goes”, which was on many Power Pop best of lists and achieved [...]

Various Artists – Forward Motion Records Live

Various Artists - Forward Motion Records Live

      1. Omine – Knock (Live) 03:54 2. Chris Alvy Band – Art Noise (live) 04:02 3. Robert Goodman Band – Tears On My Shoulder 04:04 4. Joshua Stedman – Fool I’ve Been 05:24 5. Jorge Moreno – This Town 03:52 6. Kim Drake – Nerd Amour (live) 03:53 7. Jesse Young – [...]

Union Cell “All The Pretty Things”

Union Cell "All The Pretty Things"

  Like Union Cell.. Union Cell is the musical brain-child of Gabriel Garcia Menocal, whose debut album is “All The Pretty Things”. The album features ten songs that explore a dark time in Gabriel’s life. The music is adventurous and has hints of Elliot Smith, Wilco, and Radiohead. “All The Pretty Things” is available at [...]

Robert Goodman Band – Everything is Beautiful

Robert Goodman Band - Everything is Beautiful

Available at -beautiful/id472153096 and       Robert Goodman Band The Robert Goodman Band, an American singer-songwriter experience at its finest. Hybrid Sound: The Robert Goodman Band has rekindled a spirit that made music timeless -building upon today’s current events and the history of our world for inspiration. Over the past ten years, [...]

Fernando Perdomo – Long Story Short

Fernando Perdomo - Long Story Short

Hey everyone.. Fernando Perdomo here I decided to make and release an EP in 24 hours. Its called “Long Story Short” and its available at and The album was started at 11am Sunday 10/09/2011 None of the songs were finished prior to that time… I wrote most of the lyrics during a lunch [...]

The Mann Sisters EP

The Mann Sisters EP  

Andy Pratt – “Life and Death”

Andy Pratt - "Life and Death"

Vic Kingsley – Turn On The Dark

Vic Kingsley - Turn On The Dark

“Turn On The Dark” by Vic Kingsley.. now on Itunes Vic Kingsley is an american singer/songwriter and working musician. His three albums, These Frequencies (2007), Healing Music (2008) and Fake Smiles (2010), have received critical acclaim and led to several television appearances and concerts throughout North America, including SXSW ’08 & ’09. The song “Fall With [...]

Alih Jey – “Tarte”

Alih Jey - "Tarte"

Order Your Physical Copy here download available at and 1. Entertain Me 02:49 2. Carousel 03:16 3. Crooked 04:29 4. Cherry Pie (featuring Jorges) 03:00 5. (You Always Fall For The) Green Eyed Guitar 03:16 6. Holler Girl 03:14 7. A Mi No Me Interesas 04:26 credits released 24 May 2011 All Songs [...]

Kim Drake – “Surrealist’s Dream”

Kim Drake - "Surrealist's Dream"

Kim Drake’s “Surrealist’s Dream” out 4/16/11

Omine – Whiskey and Chocolate

Omine - Whiskey and Chocolate

Omine’s new album “Whiskey and Chocolate” out now Ominé’s debut album, Whiskey & Chocolate, lives up to the long wait. For over 18 years, Ominé Eager has been writing and performing heartfelt, original songs. Each one is a true story told eloquently and honestly. She has been an enigma and a mainstay on the [...]

Dreaming in Stereo – “Dreaming in Stereo 2″

Dreaming in Stereo - "Dreaming in Stereo 2" Buy CD now!!!!

Jim Camacho “Is it Me”

Jim Camacho "Is it Me"

Chris Alvy Band “Anything Goes”

Chris Alvy Band "Anything Goes"

Jennifer Kaiser – “Masquerade”

Jennifer Kaiser -  "Masquerade" OUT NOW!!!!!! Jennifer Kaiser 2 Feb Cd review: “Masquerade” – Artist: Jennifer Kaiser Review by Tad Sharpe Label: Forward Motion Records Website: This cd has not left my player in a week. Jennifer Kaiser’s new cd, Masquerade, is a deep, thoughtful piece of work, it presents a nice intricacy of instruments to complement [...]

Sylvia Emmerson – For all who Wander

Sylvia Emmerson - For all who Wander

“For all who Wander” is the debut EP from Sylvia Emmerson out 1/01/11

Tyler Bernhardt “What is This”

Tyler Bernhardt "What is This"

Arboles Libres – “Arboles Libres”

Arboles Libres - "Arboles Libres"

Arboles Libres – Arboles Libres (EP) Miami Indie heroes , Arboles Libres has released  their long awaited debut EP September 21st.. Juan Ignacio Londono, Eddie Moreno, and Anthony Genovese are a modern day bilingual Neil Young & Crazy Horse with searing guitar solos and a tightness that is only achieved by the live recording techniques [...]

Kingsley and Perdomo – Fake Smiles

Kingsley and Perdomo is Vic Kingsley of The Westar, and Fernando Perdomo of Dreaming in Stereo. Two good friends making music that echoes the sound of 70s Southern California country rock.  Slide guitar, banjo, and acoustic guitar dominate the sound of the record. Includes the viral country fried version of “Stayin Alive” by the Bee [...]

Andy Pratt – Andy Pratt Loves You

Andy Pratt – Andy Pratt Loves You

Now available for physical purchase click link and we will send you “Andy Pratt Loves You” Andy Pratt — Andy Pratt Loves You Andy Pratt found his greatest glory back in the early ’70s when his song “Avenging Annie” briefly became a staple on album rock radio. A frantic tale of a misbegotten encounter, it [...]

Jill Hartmann – Things I Want to Remember Jill Hartmann – The Shepherd bio coming soon!!!

Dreaming in Stereo – Dreaming in Stereo

Dreaming in Stereo – Dreaming in Stereo

Dreaming in Stereo is churning a style of music coined by band and press alike as Progressive Pop. Dreaming In Stereo is the brainchild of Fernando Perdomo, a Miami based and accolade-laden singer/songwriter responsible for every ear-turning sound and instrument emanating from his self-titled debut album. From an early age, Perdomo effortlessly gained a reputation [...]


Jennifer Kaiser - Pretty Boy
Tyler Bernhardt - Happiness in History
Arboles Libres - Aurora
Andy Pratt - Take it all Away
Jill Hartmann - The Shepherd
Omine - Hail Mary
Yves Giraud - Hello
Kingsley and Perdomo - Stayin' Alive
Dreaming in Stereo - Lazy
Jorge Moreno - Thank You